Healthy eats title

Award-winning celebrity Chef Shantanu Gupte is here to turn your diet meals into your exciting new cravings.

Learn the secrets behind guilt-free avatars of your favourite indulgences. From pizza to pancakes and from noodle bowls to pita rolls, find out how to make low calorie, protein-rich, vegan, and gluten-free dishes, which will leave you licking your fingers!

xmas dinner with vicky

The award-winning heartthrob, Chef Vicky Ratnani brings you handpicked recipes to turn celebrations more magical.

With twinkling stars on the decorated trees and opening presents, isn’t Christmas the best time of the year? Add to the warmth and sparkle of this season with lavish Christmas dinners and festive goodies.    

Bake house title

Join Chef Bhumika Bhurani has set out with a dream to make people smile through her food.

Believing ‘Where there is a whisk, there is a way’, Chef Bhumika has become the successful baker she is known to be today. She is here to share with you the knowledge of the art of baking and to make all your Sweet and Savoury dreams come true.

Fuse it with mirvaan title

Known for his eccentric ways of cooking, the celebrity Chef Mirvaan has made the young generation excited about cooking.

This young Masterchef is here to show you how to keep things exciting in the kitchen through easy experiments and delicious fusions. Learn from him about his unique ways of adding a global tadka to Indian dishes in Fuse It With Mirvaan. 

Show Coverpage

Chef Neha Shah, renowned for her bold experiments with simple, local dishes, shows you simple ways to whip up authentic Gujarati dishes.

From dhoklas and khandvis at sweet shops to the generous Gujarati thalis at humble joints, we have always been fans of Gujarati cuisine. Be it the distinct style of Vaghar or the unique balance of sweet and sour, learn all the secrets.

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Delve into the world of baking with Chef Zulekha Badar a self-taught baker, reinventing classic recipes, preserving their traditional essence.

Desserts from Heaven is all about irresistible confections and cakes that yours sweet tooth cant say no to. Tune in for some eggless baking to conventional chocolate-infused baked treats & relishes like Baklava Cheesecakes, Entremets and Macaroons.

Winter treats title

From wholesome to indulgent, Chef Ashima Arora shows you how to make a variety of comfort food to keep you warm and cozy on dreary winter days.

As winter sets in, It’s time to cozy up with some comfort food. From a hearty risotto to a loaded pie, from a wholesome soup to a rich pudding, renowned chef Ashima Arora is here to show you how to make cheery dishes that will uplift your spirits  this winter.

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